Saturday, December 09, 2006

Get Between the Covers

Notice from a consulting client who has written a book you might be interested in:

Dec. 28th Launch Date for Get Between the Covers: Leave a Legacy by Writing a Book by Neil Shulman, M.D. and Eric Spencer

Mark your calendars! On Thursday, December 28, 2006, Get Between the Covers will have its official launch on with one goal in mind ... to get to #1 on the Bestseller List.

We’ve put over 5 years of work into this book, which will hopefully lead tens of thousands, if not millions, to write a book in their lifetime and thus be able to share their knowledge, creativity, and experience with this generation as well as future ones. It’s been endorsed by nearly all of the top people in the publishing industry—many of whom contributed material because of the influence they believe it will have. When people think about writing books, reading, or publishing, we want them to think Get Between the Covers!

Why should you purchase Get Between the Covers! on the 28th?

As part of purchasing this book on December 28th, you will be supporting several endeavors, including: a literary grant/scholarship program for both high school and college students that we are establishing which will encourage and enable them to write and publish books and a program that donates books to children who are less fortunate, so that they might develop a love for reading.

That’s right, we will give ALL of the income received from book sales on the 28th to support these efforts! So, in addition to getting a copy of a book that you will enjoy if you have ideas for books and want to translate them to paper, or know a friend, family member, or co-worker who does, you will also be helping us to give back.

It’s as simple as:

Going to our website on December 28th. Clicking the link to purchase Get Between the Covers on the homepage. Completing your purchase on after it clicks through.
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