Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Million Dollar Author Crash Course

Here's a message from my friend, Steve Harrison:

Time is running out if you're interested in being one of just 50 new clients to attend my upcoming Million Dollar Author Crash Course & Publicity Program, January 11-13th in Philadelphia. The price goes up $1,000.00 after tomorrow (Thursday, December 14th) so if you'd like to attend go here now:

If you're feeling skeptical or don't feel like traveling to Philadelphia that's perfectly natural. But remember on my recent teleseminar I said the top 3% of authors who sell tons of books, get massive amounts of publicity, and touch so many people's lives do so because they've taken the time to consistently develop and sharpen their marketing skills. What I didn't say is they don't always feel like doing it. How about you? There are a lot of reasons for not feeling like attending my Million Dollar Author Crash Course & Publicity Program but most of them aren't worth listening to if you're serious about your success.

Remember, over 175,000 books are published every year. The average book doesn't sell more than 500 copies!!! Do you REALLY think you're saving time and money by staying home? If you're on the fence about attending, do yourself a favor and go right now to:

At that site, you'll hear from ten former skeptics who initially all had their own reasons for not coming to a training I recently conducted which covered the material you'll learn in my crash course, BUT THEY CAME ANYWAY! And they're so glad they did!

Remember, listening to the skeptic inside you will cost you dearly in the long run. That's why so few authors succeed. It's also why I offer a complete 100% money-back guarantee on my program if you're not thrilled by 5 pm on the first day. What reason is there to let doubt and skepticism rule your future?

And here are a couple of other things to say to your inner skeptic:

#1: If you don't have the money to easily afford this (and most people don't), that's why you should attend. It's an investment that will repay itself for many years and save you from many countless costly errors. It also may be a last-minute 2006 tax deduction for you.

#2: If you're feeling overwhelmed with all your options and all the things you have to do, your top priority should be applying for at seat at my upcoming Million Dollar Author Crash Course & Publicity Program. You'll get clarity and and discover how to create a focused plan you can execute.

#3: If you're waiting until you get your book done before attending my training, you'll regret that big time! When people come to me and tell me their book is done, I'm able to help them. But I often find that it would be a lot easier to help them if they had come to me during the writing process. The reason is I could have showed them how to write their book in a way that makes it easier to get publicity. I'd also have helped them engineer it to create more word-of-mouth and drive the next sale!

#4: If you're turned off by my sales copy or persistent emails I'm sorry. It pains me to think you'd turn down an opportunity to learn proven ways to become a bestselling author, become a highly-paid speaker, and get tons of national publicity for such a silly reason but that's your choice. I don't apologize though for trying to wake you up and get you on the road to succeeding as an author. As an all-too-often couch potato myself, I've been fortunate to have some good coaches and mentors wake me up to achieving more than I initially thought was possible.

#5: Maybe you're already an established author who's achieved a lot and you're wondering what I can possibly teach you. Be particularly sure to read Tim Dobbins's and Joe Rosenthal's stories. Once you've heard what these ten former skeptics have to say, I know you'll want to join us in Philadelphia next month.

You can apply for one of the spots at:

I look forward to helping you make 2007 your best year ever!

Best, Steve Harrison
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