Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sample Kremer 100 PR Newsletter Listing

Newspapers: Santa Fe New Mexican

Santa Fe New Mexican, 202 E Marcy Street (87501), P O Box 2048, Santa Fe NM 87504-2048; Main switchboard: 505-983-3303. News: 505-986-3030; Fax: 505-986-9147. Email: Web:

News and Opinion
  • City desk: 505-986-3035.
  • Howard Houghton, City Editor; 505-986-3015. Email:
  • Mike Cosgrove, Editor, Nation & World; 505-986-3024. Email:
  • William Waters, Editorial Page Editor.
  • Camille Flores, Opinions Editor; 505-995-3850. Email: For op-ed columns.
  • Letters: 505-986-3053; Fax: 505-986-3040. Email:
  • Trail Dust, Marc Simmons, Columnist. Weekly Saturday column on New Mexico history. Simmons is the author of numerous books about New Mexico.
Business News: 505-986-3011
Sunday Magazine
  • Kristie Jones, Editor; 505-986-3032. Email: Email her with calendar events.
  • Jon Lechel, Assistant Editor; 505-995-3847. Email: He also writes Reality Bytes, a column of video game reviews.
  • Terry England, Books Editor; 505-995-3878. Email: Reviewed Marjane Satrapi's novel Chicken with Plums and Marisa Marchetto's Cancer Vixen: A True Story.
    Tom Clagett reviewed The Hart Brand western by Johnny D. Boggs and Jim Levy reviewed Maria Finn's anthology: Mexico in Mind. Robert Mayer reviewed Angelo Jaramillo's short story collection, The Darker.
  • Panelhead, Brandon Garcia, Columnist; 505-995-3826. Email: Reviewed a number of books from Canadian publisher Drawn & Quarterly.
  • Pat Reed, Travel Editor; 505-986-3054. Email:
  • La Fashionaria, Phaedra Haywood, Columnist; 505-986-3004. Email: Fashion column.
Real Estate
Sports: 505-995-3885; Fax: 505-986-3067.
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