Monday, January 08, 2007

Publicity MegaSale with Incredible Free Bonuses

If you could own dozens of popular publicity and marketing courses and products at just a fraction of the cost, you would, wouldn't you?

This month 20+ marketing & publicity experts have partnered to help you reach your aspirations in your life, business and career. All of them are practically giving away these top notch products and programs in the hope that you will love them so much you'll want to learn more about their other products and services. Here are the details:

- Susan Harrow shows you how to get in 0, The Oprah Magazine.

- Lisa Earle Mcleod tells you how you can book yourself on national TV.

- Lisa Daily shares with you how to book yourself year round on the radio.

- Marcia Yudkin transforms so-so press releases to sizzling--see how it's done.

- Marcia Wieder shows you how to be an inspiring speaker.

- Joan Stewart teaches you ways to get thousands of dollars in free publicity.

- Raleigh Pinskey gives you an advanced course in ways to market your message to the media and others.

- Drew Gerber tell you how to plan your entire publicity campaign like professional publicists do for their clients.

- Robert Middleton will help you become an info guru to draw clients, customers and business to you with ease.

The Publicity & Marketing Megasale runs only until January 12th. Don't miss this chance to gain access to some of the best courses, programs and tools in the publicity world at just a fra.ction of their regular prices.

Web: PR and Marketing MegaSale.

This package, if you decide to buy it, is an incredible value.

What is even neater is that when you go to that website, you also have the chance to download for free an incredible report about writing news releases plus three audios on getting great PR.

P.S. -- Please pass this on to at least 5 friends, colleagues and associates or anyone you know who would like to promote themselves, their business or product, become a speaker or make their book a bestseller. Thank you!
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