Saturday, March 10, 2007

Are You Twittering?

I just discovered an interesting website with lots of activity. It's called, and it is designed to keep friends and other interested parties informed about what you are doing -- especially via cell phone text messages (which you can access either via the website, IM, or your cell phone.

I'm going to use it to let people who become my followers or friends (two categories in Twitter) -- to let them know whenever I update a page on my website. As I Twitter, the RSS feed will also be sent to my website at (at the bottom of the page).

But the thing that I think is going to be revolutionary is the ability to let people know where you are at any time during a convention like BookExpo America. I've set up a page on Twitter to update people for BookExpo. This way people will be able to find me wherever I am on the floor of the convention or later during the day. Not just find me, but also track anyone else who joins the BookExpo page as a friend. I'm hoping to set up a private timeline just for the event.

If you want to see how this works, you can go to my twitter page at (I decided
to use a nickname so I sound cooler :))

If you want to see what a private timeline might look like, see the one they set up for SXSW (a music festival currently going on in Austin, Texas, where a lot of cool music, movie, and technology people are this weekend). Go to
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