Tuesday, April 03, 2007

M-Books: Mobile books from Moka.com

mBooks feature excerpts from bestselling books delivered via cellphone text messaging. The first series of mBooks from moka.com features 76 bestselling books including The Power of Now, You Can Heal Your Life, Ask and It is Given, The Power of Intention, Inner Peace for Busy People, Spirit-Centered Relationships, Creative Visualization, Journal of Inner Dialogue, Lessons for Life, Angels 101, Simple Truths, and Praying Naked. As you can see, their original focus is primarily on spiritual and self-help titles.

Each book is delivered via text messages over a period of time, one quote per day. Books sell for around $7.99, although a few are free and most can be sampled. Moka members pay a $5.95 monthly membership fee. Authors and publishers are paid a small royalty per book sold.

Essentially, for authors and publishers, mBooks are rights sales. You license the right to moka.com to publish your book in excerpt form as an mBook. Check out Moka.com for more information on what they are doing.
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