Sunday, May 20, 2007

Alex Carroll's Radio Publicity Manual

Alex Carroll, the foremost radio publicity expert, is offering a free copy of his Radio Publicity Manual for download, but you have to act before this Wednesday, May 23rd.

This new edition of his manual is 177 pages. Plus, it comes with two bonuses: A 15-minute Radio Publicity Strategy Session and his 75-minute Radio Publicity DVD (you'll have to pay for the shipping of the DVD). The rest of the offer is free.

To download this free manual, go to

Here's a few of the things he covers in the Radio Publicity Manual, which will sell for around $50 after Wednesday:

* How to get a radio station’s receptionist to work for you ... for nothing.

* All producers answer their phones ... if you know the secret to getting them to pick up. Alex has been using this simple tactic for years, and it's one of the biggest secrets to his success.

* The one question to ask a producer that will virtually guarantee you a booking.

* How to double the response to your interview by getting a producer to run ads for your interview ... before it even airs!

And, of course, much, much more.

Download this 177-page report for free at
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