Saturday, July 21, 2007

Yahoo Sucks

MyYahoo at really sucks. Something bad is happening with Yahoo. Their customer service has fallen by the wayside. What used to be an incredible service has become inept. The past month I've not been able to access my MyYahoo page more than half the time. It comes in and out. When in, it offers old data half the time. I can't access the TV listings anymore. Even though when I do get my sporadic access to MyYahoo, I click the link to the new TV listings and they don't show up.

Yahoo has to be going through some major shakeup to be offering such poor service. I've added a custom Google page which I have to use at least half the time to access the things I want to access. But all my RSS feeds are on MyYahoo. I'll probably have to switch them if Yahoo doesn't get its act together soon.

This is just not fun. If you're going to offer a service, you have to staff up to provide that service -- or not offer it.
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