Sunday, December 23, 2007

Do You Want a Story in USA Today or Other Major Media?

Do you want to catch the eye of major media such as CNN, USA Today, and Rachel Ray -- and get a story about you or your book? Many authors have, thanks to PressKit 24/7, an online press kit technology that puts you in front of the media every day.

Now it's gotten even better. It’s the only online press kit technology viewable from any hand-held device.

“Online access is critical to match sources with the media members who need them,” says Drew Gerber, PressKit 24/7 designer. “Now any Blackberry-toting media member can select an author at the click of a button.”

We invite you to try it out for yourself. Check it out at

Be in front of the media for less than a tank of gas and give your PR campaign the boost it deserves.

It's a great system if you don't already have an online press kit or system for reaching major media.
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