Sunday, December 30, 2007 Really Poor Customer Service

I find it interesting how ready and willing companies are to take your money online, but when it comes time to cancel your service -- they are no where to be found. For example:

I signed up for the NFL Field Pass (hosted by so I could listen to the football games not shown on TV. Well, now that the season is over, I went to their website to cancel the monthly service before I got charged for games I did not want. Alas, no deal.

The only way I can cancel the service is to call their toll-free number -- which has very limited service times. Essentially, they are making it almost impossible to cancel their service, especially given their phone service times.

Now, why does a company that offers an online service make it impossible to cancel their service online? It makes absolutely no sense -- unless they are trying to steal your money by making it impossible to cancel.

Every other online company I know makes it easy to cancel a service. The only other company I know that make it impossible to cancel their services is Capital One credit cards, another example of a company which offers really poor customer service. Until today, I thought they owned poor customer service. Now I know that and the National Football League has them tied.
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