Friday, December 12, 2008

Reader Question: Getting Reviews for a Novel

Reader Question: How can I have my book reviewed by reputable reviewers? I am The 2008 recipient of the Schopenhauer International Literary Award for my novel The Raving Eunuch Monks. The Schopenhauer Studies Program released a press release (attached) announcing my selection, however I want to be more proactive in promoting the novel. I published through Booksurge, but I do not have much faith in their marketing packages.

John's Answer: Well, you are in good company with the award. Unfortunately, most media are not that aware of the Schopenhauer award. Yet, the other recipients of the award could get you attention.

How do you get your book reviewed? It's tough when you are POD published via BookSurge because you won't have much bookstore distribution and, without that, most reviewers won't be interested in reviewing your book.

But, of course, the first step to getting reviews from reputable media is to send them a review copy along with several good reasons why they should pay attention to your novel. The Schopenhauer award is one reason. What's another?

Also, by the way, your cover needs to be a fiction cover. It's not now. It looks nonfiction, academic, and boring.
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