Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tweets for Today

Twitter post
  • Twitter to start charging businesses for extra features. The rest of us next? Follow the story at
  • Just used twitpwr to create a custom short URL for the Twitter charging story:
  • The neat thing about Twitpwr is the Joel Comm is branding himself all over Twitter and the web. Read his new book on Twitter, coming soon.
  • Alert: new blog post Steve Harrison makes a great video . . .: Check out a great video put t..
  • Added a poll at What's working for you in Internet marketing? Check it out. Get current results.
  • Discovered a neat how-to Internet marketing website. Looks like it's new and developing. You can contribute:
  • Been adding more Twitter tools and resources to my Twitter resource page at Cool stuff.
  • Also broke out the webpage on Twitter guides, handbooks, and blog posts. Useful info here:
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