Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Secret to Approaching Top People

Just had a question from an author:

Would you please tell me the best way to go about contacting these people via email? Should I direct them to my website? Am I asking for their mailing address so that I can send them a free signed copy?

My answer:

When contacting anyone, don't ask what they can do for you. Tell them how you can help them -- get more readers, satisfy the ones they have, build a larger audience, attract more people to their websites, sell more books, etc.

If you tell them how you can help them, they will look at anything you have to offer them.

Sending anyone to your website before you've given them a real good reason to go is useless.

Sending review copies, even signed, is also useless if you don't already have a relationship with them that will ensure the book gets read.
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