Sunday, March 01, 2009

Tweets for Today

Twitter post
  • RT @joelcomm Thinking about doing Q&A on uStream all day on Wednesday. Wonder who would join me? JK: Me. Let me know details.
  • Updating my list of newspaper book reviewers. The new list should be up at in a few days with lots of changes.
  • RT @stanleytang @chriswebb Hey Chris, I'm looking to write a new book on social media marketing. Wondering if you would be interested?
  • RT @stanleytang Very clever use of Twitter to contact a key book editor. By the way, I look forward to reading his new book.
  • RT @kathyIreland Great experience today! Mentored by John Kremer of Kind & Genuis! You want a winning book? Visit his site!
  • RT @justinglover Don't tell God you have a big problem. Tell your problem you have a big God!
  • RT @Tsufit Just did an interview with book marketing guru John Kremer. Is there anything this guy doesn't know?
  • My DBI is 96.10 Find yours and manage your followers at #DBI
  • RT @thecreativepenn How to Make Your Writing Matter to Your Readers JK: Stimulating article.
  • RT @fleurdeleigh If your telling me how to get 19K followers in 30 days, you don't get Twitter & you don't have my ear....jus sayin. JK: yes
  • One of the great things about Twitter for me are the people from around the world I get to follow: UK, Ireland, Germany, NZ, Aussies, etc.
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