Thursday, April 02, 2009

YouTube Videos: A Funny Series of Movie Take-Offs

I'm sad to say that many of these wonderful parodies are now no longer on YouTube due to the idiots at Constantin Film Produktion. These stupid, stupid, dumkopfs (they're German) consider these funny parodies as copyright infringement. Such stupid, stupid people.

Don't they know that these parodies are actually making more people aware of their Downfall movie, and that many people are watching or buying the movie because of the parodies. Dumb, dumb, dumb people.

Alas, this means that many of the YouTube links below will no longer work. Sad.

I'm not sure who did the first Hitler parody, but they are all funny. What a wonderful series of take-offs from a movie clip.

Twitter Frustrates Hitler As Followers Split (6,160 views):

And here's another using the same movie excerpt, but completely different content:

No Twitter for Hitler (38,249 views):

And a few more variations on the same movie excerpt:

Hitler is invaded by Mexicans (34,890 views):

Adolf Hitler - Vista Problems! (687,000 views):

KFC Nuggets get banned; Hitlers Downfall (11,296):

Hitler gets banned from Xbox Live (1,099,012 views):

Real Estate Downfall (1,644,472 views):

Somebody Stole Hitlers Car (808,392 views):

Hitler gets banned from World of Warcraft (2,405,926 views):

Hitler Superbowl (592,207 views):

Hitler's got the wrong bike (628,137 views):
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