Friday, September 04, 2009

Red Hot Special Savings: Ten Million Eyeballs

Save $300 by joining the Ten Million Eyeballs self-learning course now. This Ten Million Eyeballs course teaches anyone how to get millions of eyeballs (that's impressions) via the Internet in the next two years. Learn the four major ways to reach millions of people via the Internet. You'll learn:

* How, why, and when to give things away free on the Internet

* How to organize and run an Amazon bestseller campaign that actually sells books

* How to create a viral video that gets millions of views, not tens or hundreds of views (Note: the average book trailer is seen by 65 people)

* How to develop a viral website that people come back to again and again - and do all the work for you!

* How to create effective selling relationships with major websites

* 35 ways to profit from the Internet. Book sales are just one of those ways. You can multiply your income by turning your book into a variety of products and services.

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