Wednesday, March 03, 2010

How to Close More BIG Sales, by Getting More Smaller “Yeses”

The following article is courtesy of Eric Gruber, the article marketing expert.

In just a couple weeks, I am going to be proposing to my girlfriend, Kristina Jaramillo. Now, I am very respectful and old-fashioned, plus I know the fact that she is extremely close with her family — so during the past weekend, I asked her family for their blessings.

First, I asked her sisters — which I got my first yes.

The next easiest target was the grandmother. I got my second yes.

Now, I already went through the process twice. I already got 2 yeses. And, although I was quite nervous (I paced up and down) before I spoke to the parents, it was still 1 million times easier.

Why? Because I already got 2 smaller yeses.

Closing More Sales is a Series of Yeses!

Just like I went through a series of “yeses” to get the “yes” I really wanted — you need to go through a series of “yeses” with your customers in business.

Many article marketers try to promote a high-priced product or service in the bio box. Then they wonder why they’re not getting website traffic or sales.

So, How Do You Get More Prospects to Move Forward and Say That First Yes?

1. Offer prospects a free special report or sneak preview in the bio box.

2. Be sure to include a reason why they should go to your website to get this free incentive.

3. Send prospects to a focused squeeze page — with no outside distractions. This way, it will be easier for prospects to say their first “yes.” For example, check out: This is where I offer you three free instant article writing templates that will help you write articles in 30 minutes or less.

Once you enter your name and email address, you are taken to a page where you can download the free templates. You are also given an offer to get my complete collection of article templates that can be found at:

Let’s say you choose to get my article templates (this means I already got 2 yeses!), I upsell you and offer you supplementary products like my Complete A to Z Article Marketing System that can be found at:

I then have my virtual assistant follow up with my article marketing product buyers to offer them a free strategy session with me. At the end of the session, I invite them to take advantage of my article marketing services or my article marketing coaching program.

Notice, I start off with a free offer — then to a low priced product, to another product at a higher price point. Finally, I get them exactly where I want them — investing in my article services or in my monthly article marketing coaching program that you can become part of at:

See, if you want to close more sales, then you have to go for a series of yeses — and not for the BIG yes right away.

Now, wish me luck as I have one more “Yes” to go — the most important one of them all. I now have to ask Krissy in a couple weeks if she will marry me.


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