Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Ten Million Eyeballs Internet Marketing Event

I'm hosting a live Ten Million Eyeballs two-day seminar in Carlsbad, California on Saturday, June 26th, and Sunday, June 27th. You can read about the content for this seminar and sign up for it by going to: http://www.tenmillioneyeballs.com. The fee, which includes everything featured in the Red Hot Special (normally $500), is only $297.

You must sign up this coming week if you want to be sure to have a spot in this special live seminar.

Why take this seminar? Obviously, one key reason: Sell more books.

But, the more visible you are online, the more people who hear or read about you and your book, the more you can also . . .

=> Sell more audios, videos, ebooks, courses, coaching, etc.

=> Get more visitors to your website.

=> Sell subsidiary rights for audios, videos, paperbacks, etc.

=> Get more followers and fans on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

=> Sell foreign rights. If they can't find you online, they don't buy rights!

=> Get more speaking engagements.

=> Form more relationships with key websites.

=> Reach more people with your ideas, inspiration, etc.
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