Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Article Writing Template That Gets People Talking About You and Your Topic Right Away

Here is a great article from Eric Gruber of Complete A-Z Article System:

I recently wrote an article entitled Article Marketing Debate: Is Article Marketing Dying as the Use of Video Soars? I then submitted it to top websites like,, and SiteProNews.

One day after it was published, my article was being talked about on forums like The Warrior Forum – a top forum for internet marketers. For example, John Hocking ( wrote: "I was just reading an interesting article on the use of article and video marketing. Read the article here: Then, let me know what you think? Is video marketing replacing article marketing or are they just two tools you can use to get traffic and referrals?"

That forum posting received responses like:
"There are still far too many people that have difficulty with video (dial-up users, for example). Plus there are a lot of people who would rather have something they can print out to read offline. I think they are two tools and I don't see either one replacing the other."

"Well, I don’t think that video can outweigh article marketing. It’s just like saying people should stop reading and only learn by watching videos"

"I truly doubt that article marketing will be dying. Because not everyone prefers the same method of learning. A lot of people learn better if there is a video showing them how to implement a certain task, while others pick up on the material being presented if they where to read it. So with all that being said, no article marketing will not be going anywhere."
You see, this new article template has accomplished the following:
  • Created the buzz I need on the Web
  • Has people talking about my article on popular forums and blogs
  • Generated support for article marketing. I can use their comments as social proof in my marketing activities. And, social proof is an amazing psychological trigger.
  • Increased website traffic, built my list and made me even more money!
So, How Does This New, Instant Article Template Work?

Step 1: Create your article title. First, put in your keywords than add the word debate. Then think about the conflicting viewpoints in your industry. Now, add a provocative question to the title that is related to one of the controversial subjects. For example:
  • Article Marketing Debate: Is Article Marketing Dying as the Use of Video Soars?
  • Article Marketing Debate: Is the Duplicate Content Penalty Just a Myth?
Step 2: Write your introduction. Now explain the controversial topic and why people think opposite of you. Give the reasons for the opposing view.

Step 3: Show real proof that your view is the right view. For example, I show real results that my clients are getting.

Step 4: Give some tips on how they can take the appropriate action you want now. Provide useful, valuable, take-away content that proves you are an expert. This way they’ll want to come to you when they need assistance.

Step 5: Remind them of the results they can get if they stop falling into the trap of believing what others have to say about the topic. This is an important step as you want them to take the action you describe in your bio box. Now, that you have my proven instant article writing template, start writing your articles and submit them to top websites and ezines.

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