Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Author Success Story: An author's persistence despite obstables

Here's another author success story based on her persistence despite some key obstacles:

Struggling to fund the printing and publishing of my book left little to nothing to market it and regardless of what people tell you, you need money to make money. If these factors were not disadvantageous enough, I was non-ambulatory, bed bound and homeless. I had a great and marketable book, so I turned to the Internet and set up shop with a website and the whole nine yards (without the bells and whistles).

The website (http://www.dorothybarron.com) appeared to and did work when I tested it, but I begin getting calls from people whom I had called about my book, Slinging Stones when United States Congress has lost control and American Courts are out of control. Unfortunately, these individuals had tried but could not purchase the book from my website order page.

Even though physically limited, I began calling practically everyone I knew and whose phone numbers I could get my hands on. It became dangerous for anyone to come within my sphere, be it friend or stranger, because they did not leave until they had purchased a book.

You see, I gave everyone at least one valid reason to read my book. I may not have had a functioning website, but interested individuals could go there and at least view a picture of the book after I had given them a verbal introduction. The most effective and successful way of marketing and selling my book was through word of mouth - from me. - Dorothy Barron, author. Email: barron.dorothy@yahoo.com.
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