Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Creating a Series of Short Videos to Promote a Book

Below is a story from Andrew Cort telling how he has had some success selling his books. His books sound interesting, as does his story about the videos he created. Check them out.

My books are about the inner meaning of the symbols, images and metaphors that are found within mythology and scripture. One of the most misunderstood features of the Bible is the position of the Feminine. It is generally believed that the Bible is sexist and women are treated as second-rate. This is apparently true when the stories are taken literally, as if they were merely accounts of history or lessons about morality. But when the symbology is understood it turns out that the stories are saying something quite different and quite wonderful.

This past summer, I produced a series of short (about 3 minutes apiece) videos in which I discuss the inner meaning of the stories of Eve, Sarah, Rachel, Rahab, the Samaritan woman, the Virgin, Mary Magdalene, and other fascinating women in the Bible. The videos are available on Youtube and on my website (http://www.andrewcort.com). They have been watched by quite a few people so far, which has brought traffic to my website and sold a few books. I of course hope that many more people will watch them in the future.

My current books include Love, Wisdom, and God: The Longing of the Western Soul and The American Psyche in Search of its Soul. In early 2011, my major work will be published: The Purpose of Religion: Enlightenment, Meaning and Love in Jewish, Christian and Islamic Symbology. (One of the things my books make clear is that the real underlying purpose of all our great traditions is always the same: the enlightenment of the human soul. When this is understood, the justification for religious hatred and war disappears.) - Andrew Cort; Email: andrew@andrewcort.com
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