Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Word of Mouth Sells Books

Here is another story, told by Michael John McCann, on how he sells his PurpleUmpkin children's book:

The best way that I have sold books so far is really word of mouth, readers recommending my book to other readers.

PurpleUmpkin is a children's book about kindness, tolerance, love, and understanding. A book that gets children and parents to interact with each other, PurpleUmpkin is about having fun with words. Lots of fun. What works is that the book gets people to interact with each other. For more about the book, see

Early childhood educators think the book is great especially with its colors and rhyming words. All reviews have been 5 stars.

I am known as the Mayor of PurpleUmpkin. - Michael John McCann, author. Email:
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