Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Book Marketing Success: Article Marketing and Blogging

Gail Tern, author of Cure Arthritis: The Ultimate 7-Day Natural Remedy for Arthritis, Gout, and Rheumatism, sent me an email recently where she talked about how she came to write her book and the actions she's has taken so far to promote her book. I thought you'd find her story interesting:

I suffered from a form of arthritis called osteoarthritis. Due to the failure of conventional medicine to remedy my condition, I sought out other treatments. Over the course of my research I not only found a solution for my own ailment, but reams of information and alternative treatments that have worked for sufferers around the world. I captured some of the best documented solutions in my book.

So far, the main thing I have been doing to market my ebook is article marketing. I became a platinum writer over at Ezinearticles the first week I decided to submit there. The only real benefit of being a platinum writer is that your articles get published quicker. I manually submit articles, although I have purchased several automated article distribution solutions. None of them seem to work as well as just manually submitting to a few of the top article directories.

Article marketing has driven some traffic but not an avalanche of visitors. I have noticed however, that since I started a blog a few weeks ago that traffic has also increased. And I have not really promoted the blog at all. But I will soon start offering syndication via RSS feeds. Hopefully this will help. I have also created a video for the website and will be submitting it to the major video sites soon. The thing I want to concentrate on is contacting other bloggers and website owners to offer the book directly to compatible venues.

The book is titled, Cure Arthritis: The Ultimate 7-Day Natural Remedy for Arthritis, Gout, and Rheumatism.
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