Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Author Book Marketing Success: Let Your People Know!

The most successful thing I have done to promote my book is to send out announcements to some of my former patients informing them that I had written a book about diabetes and for them to please let their friends who have diabetes know about my book. I did not specifically ask my patients to buy the book but only to encourage their appropriate friends. I figured my former patients would buy my book if I made them know it was available. As it turns out about a quarter of them did.

In explaining the pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes, I use terms everyday people can understand such as rusty hinges and the UPS guy, WD-40 and sandpaper. When people leave my classes, they finally understand what is wrong with them, what is going on in their body. They frequently tell me that this is the first time they've had it explained to them where they could understand it.

- Milt Bedingfield, author of Prescription for Type 2 Diabetes: Exercise (http://www.TheExerciseDiabetesLink.com)
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