Monday, February 14, 2011

An Author's First Steps in Marketing His Book

Here's another first small step in marketing a book:

I’m at the early stages of marketing my book, Training Dana to Selling Success, so my success story is a humble one. I’m also new at social media marketing. I only opened my Twitter account for my book at the beginning of this year. “0” followers is what I kept staring at on my Twitter page for weeks until someone told me, “If you want followers, start to follow others.” So I did. I Googled other authors who wrote on the same subject matter as my book and started to follow them. In one week I picked up 21 followers. I will continue to Tweet and hopefully see those current and future followers, turn into buyers soon. - Scott Moody,

John's Comments: Well, that's a start. Very small start, but a beginning. Now you need to create more relationships with other people on Twitter and Facebook. Even more important, you need to create relationships with other websites that focus on sales.

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