Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Spontaneous Sales: Being Prepared to Sell Your Book Anywhere

Face to face and word of mouth still matters. I recently sold thirty copies of my paranormal/fantasy novel, Among Other Edens, at a night club in Germany, at the airport waiting to go to said country, and at the German hotel. Toting a purse large enough to have copies on hand, I happily signed and sold books over dinner, on trips into town, in fact anywhere I had a chance to talk about my book. Soon, I became known as the book lady and, within two days, had sold out with orders for more.

I call this spontaneous selling, it occurs in unexpected locations and requires no campaign or effort, other than the willingness to break out of our comfort zone, step from behind our computers, and make face to face contact with people. As we continue to market online, we need to remind ourselves that technology is a tool in the writer’s publicity tool box. Good old-fashioned meet-greet-and-salesmanship will never crash, give you a blue screen, or need re-booting! - Guinevere Edern, author of Among Other Edens
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