Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ask a Book Cover Designer Website

Ask the Book Cover Designer

Below are some of the tweets I've sent out recently regarding my new AskTheCoverDesigner.com website. Check them out:

=> Book Covers Count: They Draw People In and Make Book Sales - Sean Penn confirms - http://bit.ly/gSP8td

=> Book Design: You Can Sell a Book by Its Cover - http://askthecoverdesigner.com/book-design-you-can-sell-a-book-by-its-cover

=> Book Titles: Listen to Oprah - She Knows Titles | Ask the Cover Designer - http://bit.ly/gMNPf3

=> Book Cover Design Tips by George Foster at AskTheCoverDesigner.com - http://bit.ly/gzEA6d

=> Advice to Authors: 12 tips on Designing Your Book as Sales Aids - AsktheCoverdesigner.com - http://bit.ly/f1fugg

=> Great Titles Require Thinking: The Think and Grow Rich Story - http://bit.ly/dL9sV8

=> First Lines of Novels: Some Great Ones to Inspire You - http://askthecoverdesigner.com/first-lines-of-novels-some-great-ones-to-inspire-you

=> Book Design: Elements of Good Cover Design - http://bit.ly/eZ4pcF

=> Book Design: Elements of Good Cover Design - Part II - http://bit.ly/h16TIQ

=> Book Design: Elements of Good Cover Design - Part III - http://bit.ly/gItF7t

=> Book Cover Critiques: You Can Sell a Book by Its Cover http://askthecoverdesigner.com/book-cover-critiques-you-can-sell-a-book-by-its-cover

=> Book Titles: John Kremer's 7 Keys to a Great Book Title | Ask the Cover Designer - http://bit.ly/eeGT2S

=> Book Covers: Two Very Ugly Book Covers | AsktheCoverDesigner.com http://bit.ly/ebf4rY

=> Book Creation: 7 Costly Mistakes to Avoid - http://askthecoverdesigner.com/book-creation-7-costly-mistakes-to-avoid

=> Book Covers: Paper Stock and Cover Finishes - http://askthebookprinter.com/book-covers-paper-stock-and-cover-finishes

 => Book Covers: 7 Basics of a Great Book Cover - http://askthecoverdesigner.com/book-covers-7-basics-of-a-great-book-cover

=> From Bad to Rad: Special Dream - http://askthecoverdesigner.com/from-bad-to-rad-special-dream

=> Book Titles: 4 Ways to Come Up with a Great Book Title - AskTheCoverDesigner.com - http://bit.ly/hUGRMU

John Kremer
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