Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ask the Publicist Q&A Website

Below are some of the tweets I've sent out recently regarding my new AskThePublicist.com website. Check them out:

=> National TV Publicity: How to Launch a Book Fast- http://www.askthepublicist.com/national-tv-publicity-how-to-launch-a-book-fast

=> News Releases: The Keys Are the Beginning Lines - http://askthepublicist.com/news-releases-the-keys-are-the-beginning-lines

=> Book Publicity: 5 Actions to Take Every 30 Days | AskthePublicist.com - http://bit.ly/fJob4D

=> Press Release Distribution: 7 Important Benefits - http://bit.ly/dYYIj3

=> Viral Videos: Tough to Make, Tough to Get Noticed | AskThePublicist.com - http://bit.ly/f3TsvB

=> Local Publicity: How to Take a Press Release and Localize It for Maximum Results | AskThePublicist.com - http://bit.ly/eHm0RH

=> Online News Releases: 7 Mistakes You Don't Want to Make | Ask the Publicist - http://bit.ly/g9vtto

=> Need a great news release? Check out http://newsreleasecritiques.com

=> 17 Free Publicity and PR Articles | Ask the Publicist - http://bit.ly/h79xdT

=> Creative Publicity Works: To the Tune of $300 Million! - http://bit.ly/hcOUKi

=> I love Kirkus Reviews motto: Because life is too short to read bad books - http://bit.ly/hZ5gbx - or, for that matter, anything else bad

 Bonus tweet: => If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there’d be a shortage of sand. - Milton Friedman #funny #true

John Kremer
John Kremer is the author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books as well as webmaster at http://www.bookmarket.com.
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