Monday, April 18, 2011

Author Success Story: Get a Charity Involved with Your Book Event

When I chose the date for my book release party, the first thing I did was ally with a charity that had something to do with kids. Even though I was not a major entity, it’s amazing how relatively easy it is to get a respected and viable organization (in my case, it was an adolescent obesity program at a prominent children’s hospital) to work with you when you are promising them some money and exposure.

I promised them that I would donate $5 for every book sold during a particular month. I invited friends, customers, family, and the Chamber of Commerce. I did an email blast through the town’s listserve, a press release to the local paper, posted about it on Facebook, and sent email to my current and past fitness clients and prospects. Because of the tie-in with the hospital and the kids, it was easy to get people to be open to come to the event. I even got a local television station to cover the story.

I sold 120 books in a few hours.

- Glenn Marcella, author of Duh, The Workout: Get in the Best Shape of Your Life by Acting Like a Child (

John's Comment: I love the title of his book. I'm ready to exercise. He also has a sub-subtitle to his book: The 50 Most Incredible and Ridiculous Exercises You Must Start Doing ... Again. The exercises in his book include The Temper Tantrum, Tag, Sticky Hands, and The Pillow Fight.
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