Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Author Success Story: I'm in the Business of Marketing

Here is another author success story shared by Dawn Williams, author of the To This Very Day children's picture book series at http://www.sunrisehousepublishes.com:

The scheduled speaker for the evening reached the podium, placed a book on the desk and began: “How many of you authors here tonight know what business you’re in?”

Almost all of the one hundred percent of those listening raised their hands.

“And most of you,” he continued, “assume your business is writing books? Correct?”

“YES,” answered the majority of attendees, about 125 members of the Publicists Association. They were finished with their bimonthly dinner meeting and turned their attention to the man every one had come to hear.

“You’re wrong, friends. You are in the marketing business. Like it or not, you can publish the second coming of Gone with the Wind and it would get nowhere without excellent marketing. Without it, your book is doomed to extinction. So, my friends, I leave this with you: You can either do the marketing yourself if qualified, or pay a professional to do it for you if you want success. Be sure you choose rightly.”

I admit, I have not yet marketed my books successfully in the past even though they are award-winners. I intend to do so in the future by getting into the marketing business full throttle. I know what I have to do and am willing - no - anxious to do it. So I am no more in the Book Business, but in the Marketing Business.

- Dawn Williams, author of the To This Very Day children's picture book series, http://www.sunrisehousepublishers.com

John's Comments: Why is this above story a success story? Very simple: The author finally realized that she's in the business of marketing books. She's always been great at creating content (writing books), but now she's ready to do the real job: Sell that content. Share that content.
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