Monday, April 25, 2011

Tweets You Can Use: March/April's Best Tweets

Tweets from @JohnKremer . . .

=> Romance novels going digital in a big way -,2817,2381646,00.asp?asid=18a06f77

=> Free business and marketing ebooks to read at

=> Looking for a publisher for your spiritual book? See

=> The future of textbooks: - Multimedia colored textbooks with multitasking, notetaking, and more.

=> The power of creating Twitter lists: - very cutting edge creative stuff

=> Marketing Advice From a Victoria's Secret Model via @huffingtonpost

=> Perhaps the most important thing I've said in the past ten years about book marketing - - the last bit about bookstores

=> 10 Comic Blogs That Every Comic Book Fan Should Read -

=> I really do think most book authors spend way too much time courting bookstores when they should be courting readers.

=> Bookstores don’t buy books (they simply rent them). It’s readers who buy books. So ask the real buyers to buy your book.

=> The best way to follow 168 of the best #literary #agents on Twitter -!/JohnKremer/literary-agents-the-best-4

=> Ebook Advertisements: 7 Ways to Feature Ads in Your Ebooks - video -

John Kremer
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