Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Book Marketing Tweets You Can Use - May 17th

Here are some of my more recent tweets - just in case you missed them. There are some valuable tips and resources featured in these tweets.

Don't miss out on the BestSeller Launch Formula - now active -

Science News - editors and book reviewers -

Looking for a good publisher for your new novel? Check out - Lots of good publishers there

Better Nutrition Magazine - health magazine editors -

Indie Bookseller - Bookstore and More - Payson, Arizona -

Book Marketing Secret: Call People - Pick Up the Phone! | -

Family Motor Coaching Magazine - editors and columns -

Looking for someone to publish your children's book? Check out the editors and publishers at

Just came across this - Added it to - The Multifold Secret -

Archaeology Magazine - editors and book reviewers -

Listen in as Jeff Rivera interviews John Kremer about the Bestseller Launch Formula:

Whole Living: Body + Soul in Balance - updated editor listing -

9 ways to give away books & still build your market:

Traditional Home Magazine - editors and book reviewers -

Join the other 6,660 book authors and publishers on The Book Marketing Network at

Vanity Fair Magazine - editors and columnists - updated -

The best gift for your mother on Mother's Day? A mother told me: Leave the house and give me some time alone! - What's your best gift?

Inc. Magazine - editors, columnists, and book reviewers -

Things we can learn from The Fonz and from Henry Winkler -

Vogue Magazine - editors and columnists for a top women's magazine -

Press Releases: What's the Best Way to Send News Releases Today? | Ask the Publicist -

Elle Magazine editors and columnists - one of the best book-oriented women's magazines -
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