Sunday, May 01, 2011

Book Marketing Tweets You Can Use

Here are some of my more recent tweets - just in case you missed them. There are some valuable tips and resources featured in these tweets.

13-minute interview on selling your book to a major publisher -

USA Today - Books - reporters and book reviewers | MagaGenie Media Spotlight -

Cosmopolitan Magazine editors and columnists -

Whole Living Magazine: Body + Soul in Balance - editors and columnists -

RT @OnyxSupersonics There R short stories, long stories, sad stories, funny stories. Then there R Forbidden Stories - - PS> I just love the juxtaposition of short,long - sad,funny - and forbidden.

5 proven ways to get publicity anyone can use - - very good advice here.

Allure Magazine editors and writers -

Books Add Warmth and Soul to Any Room - Miles Redd -

3 things you need to make a quantum leap -

Entrepreneur Magazine - editors and columnists -

Telling Stories: People to People PR -

Bloomberg Businessweek - editors and book reviewers -

Presentation Domination - Video 3 great stuff - - free to view

O, The Oprah Magazine - editors and book reviewers -

Bookstores: A Love Affair -

News Release Headlines: How to Make Them Better -
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