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45 Ways to Blog as a Novelist: Tips for Writers of Fiction

Book Marketing for Novelists
We all know that blogging is one of the best ways to get attention in today's Internet world. A blog is a godsend to your website, bringing it traffic, fans, and more. But you have to post regularly.

Stuck for what to blog about? Here are some tips for novelists, but the same tips can apply to writers of nonfiction, memoirs, children's books, business books, and more.
  1. Review other novels, especially from other lesser-known novelists.
  2. Write a blog post using the voice of one of your main characters.
  3. Have that main character tell some side stories not included in the novel.
  4. Write about the setting - time and/or place. Use some of the research you did to ensure that your novel was accurate.
  5. Invite your readers to review your book. Feature their testimonials on your blog.
  6. Interview some of your readers: via Q&A text or via an Internet radio show or via a teleseminar.
  7. Podcast your book, one section at a time.
  8. Write about trends in your genre.
  9. Write about your favorite novelists, especially those that write in your genre. Include their photos and a sampling of their books.
  10. Answer questions from your readers.
  11. Fill in the back stories of some of your minor characters.
  12. Write a story featuring one of those characters.
  13. Feature excerpts from your upcoming novels. Ask for feedback.
  14. Link to the blogs of your favorite authors. Tell readers why those blogs would interest them.
  15. Link to book review sites. Recommend your favorites.
  16. Create a hall of fame for your genre. Of course, include yourself.
  17. Write a blog for each of your upcoming book signing events, online events, etc. Invite your readers to attend - or to let their friends know about your events.
  18. Write a follow-up blog on each of your events describing what happened. Take photos of the event and post them here.
  19. Review book trailers for novels you like (or other books as well). Feature the book trailer videos in the blog post.
  20. Write about your writing routine. Describe when you write (morning, evening, weekends), where you write (the proverbial garret, a coffee shop, at the kitchen table), and how you prepare to write (eat a banana, listen to music, kick your husband or wife out of the house). You could easily stretch this out into three or four short blog posts.
  21. Share the genesis of your novel. How did it come about? What ideas, events, characters, etc. inspired you to write the novel.
  22. Describe how you went about plotting your novel.
  23. Write about a hobby you have.
  24. Write about your spouse, your children, your town, your state.
  25. Opine on the state of the nation. Opine on world affairs.
  26. Opine on Weiner, Schwarzenegger, Sheen, and other fools.
  27. Describe how you go about doing research for your novel. Book research? Google? Travel?
  28. Share some of the interesting tidbits, facts, insights you discovered as you did your research. Share things that didn't make it into your novel. Share the facts that became key items in your novel.
  29. Review books on writing, research, plotting, etc. that you like. Feature their book covers in the blog post.
  30. Share or review the novels you are reading now. What's on your nightstand? What's in your purse or briefcase?
  31. Survey your readers opinions on any key issue in your books. You could do a number of polls. Announce the surveys. Then promote the surveys. Then announce the results. That's worth at least three blog posts, probably more.
  32. Run a contest. Ask people to name their favorite character and describe why they like the character. Offer a free book, sample chapter from your new novel, a phone call from you, or something else as a prize.
  33. Feature your reader comments in upcoming blog posts.
  34. Interview your readers.
  35. Have your readers interview you. Encourage them to send in a series of questions you will answer.
  36. Ask your readers to pick which of your characters is most like them.
  37. Tell your readers which of your characters is most like you.
  38. Interview book reviewers.
  39. Interview bloggers.
  40. Interview booksellers.
  41. Feature your favorite bookstores (with photos). Describe why you love them.
  42. Interview your favorite novelists.
  43. Write a ditty. Write a poem. Share a short story.
  44. Expose your inner being. Share your feelings.
  45. Let readers know about your day.
  46. Post photos of your favorite novelists and other book authors.
  47. Join in the Amazon Bestseller Campaigns of your fellow authors. Promote these campaigns via your blog.
Reader contributions to this list:
  1. Have a reader interview one of your characters.
  2. Report about the blog tours and launch parties of your fellow authors.
  3. Have readers vote for variations of your book covers (or titles).
  4. Write guest posts on other blogs. It's a great way to exchange blog posts with other authors. Plus, of course, it exposes you, your book, and your blog to other readers.
    People care about novelists. You don't have to be perfect. You don't have to be professorial. You don't have to be journalistic. Tell the truth. Keep it simple. Cut a vein and let it bleed on the screen.

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