Thursday, June 02, 2011

Book Marketing Tweets You Can Use: June 2nd

Here are some of my more recent tweets - just in case you missed them. There are some valuable tips and resources featured in these tweets.

Book Marketing: Impassioned by You -

Do you belong in the Self-Publishing Hall of Fame? -

@LaurieSargent Glad to help any book author looking for help in marketing a book. That's what is all about.

From Bad to Rad: Extreme book cover improvement for Travia -

Parade Magazine editors updated -

Book Promotion: What Is the Best Way to Market a Book? -

Discover Magazine editors and book reviewers -

Media Love People Stories -

Decision Magazine editors -

Learn how to create a brandable bestselling book -

Seventeen Magazine editors -

Just signed up for Blog Talk Radio at #BlogTalkRadio

Opening New Markets - Distribution of an Educational Program: How to Do It? -

Join the 6,707 members of The Book Marketing Network:

Glamour Magazine editors and columnists -

Looking for someone to publish your business book? See the great business book publishers at

Ebook Publishing: The Best Deal for Most Book Authors -

Looking for a good book printer? Check out
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