Monday, June 20, 2011

Book Marketing Tweets You Can Use: June 20

Here are a few more of my recent tweets from - just in case you missed them. There are some valuable tips and resources featured in these tweets.

Book Marketing Ideas and Book Promotion Tips - new blog post -

45 Ways to Blog as a Book Author - book marketing tips from John Kremer -

How to Get Testimonials 1-2-3 - for your book, product, service, or idea -

Self-Publishing Hall of Fame - - Should you be included as a successful self-publisher?

Book Marketing Strategy: Identifying Audiences -

Join the 6,766 members of The Book Marketing Network: - Lots of good people there.

Mind Health Report editors -

Why shop Indie? Support local bookstores and indie booksellers -

Book Promotion: What Is the Best Way to Market a Book? Updated

First-time novelists make good - - New stories included.

What does it mean to be an Amazon bestselling author -

Health Radar Newsletter contact information -

Book Printing News: Latest Developments -

Dr. David Brownstein's Natural Way To Health Newsletter -
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