Friday, June 03, 2011

Twitter: How Easy Is It to Fake an Account?

I just read a posting on Daily Kos that shows a real ignorance on how hard it would be to fake a Twitter account.

First, the replicated tweets I saw were clearly from @RepWeiner. It wasn't a fake Weiner account, but the real thing. That means Daily Kos's explanation is totally out of whack.

Second, @RepWeiner tweeted three minutes later, a legitimate tweet. That means any hacker would have had to be out of @RepWeiner's account in three minutes since @RepWeiner would have had to log in to his account in the meantime.

The reason I'm covering this at all is that it really frustrates me when a blogger comes up with such a lame excuse. The Daily Kos writer shows a very uneducated view of how Twitter works that it puts the whole Wienergate question into greater exposure rather than less.

I'm continually surprised by how little the media (and some bloggers) really know about Twitter and how it works. The media continually oversells the power of Twitter.
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