Saturday, September 10, 2011

Give with Joy: 40 Days of Giving

I decided to share something I found online that talks about giving, generosity, and sharing. While these audio episodes focus on Christian giving, I believe we can all learn something from these short lessons on how to live a good life.

In my experience, you always get more than you give. It's just the way it is with the laws of life. So, for the next 40 days, I'm going to share with you some short stories (in print or audio) on the power of giving. If you can't wait for me to share these stories over the next 40 days, you can always go here to listen in or read at:

A Generous Life

Day One: A Single Mother Gives

Nancy was was a single mother with young children. Her ex-husband sent her only a small amount of grocery money every week--so small it couldn’t even feed 1 person, much less her family of 4. But Nancy decided to begin giving to God from her little bit of grocery money and trust Him to provide. Shortly after, she got a job with a cookbook company. The company paid Nancy to go grocery shopping and prepare meals so they could take photographs for their cookbooks. When they were done taking pictures, Nancy could keep the food she had purchased and prepared. Isn’t that an amazing story of God’s goodness? Nancy learned that even if you’re poor, you still need to learn to give from whatever you have.
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