Thursday, September 15, 2011

Give with Joy: Day Five

In my experience, you always get more than you give. It's just the way it is with the laws of life. If you can't wait for me to share these Give with Joy stories over the next 40 days, you can always go to:

A Generous Life

Day Five: Young girl helps buy a multimillion dollar camp for only $1

John Bechtel, a missionary in Hong Kong, wanted to start a Christian camp to reach people for Christ. A bankrupt multimillion-dollar hotel and conference center became available for sale. He made an offer to purchase the property and then traveled around the world to raise the millions he would need. But no one was willing to help and he returned to Hong Kong discouraged.

Then one day he got a letter from a young girl that included $1 and a note saying she wanted him to use this to buy the camp. John Bechtel prayed and took the girl’s $1 to the real estate closing and the corporation decided to accept the $1 as full payment!

Since the camp first opened, over a million people have come and over 100,000 have accepted Christ.

What have you not done because of the lack of $1.00? How have you let your thinking be limited?

Have you listened to that one champion - someone like the girl with $1.00 - and then acted on what you heard? You'll be surprised by the people who can offer a little help if you simply listen, pay attention, and act.
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