Sunday, September 11, 2011

Give with Joy: Day Two

As noted yesterday, I have decided to share something I found online that talks about giving, generosity, and sharing. While these audio episodes focus on Christian giving, I believe we can all learn something from these short lessons on how to live a good life, whether we are Christian, agnostic, or believers in another religion.

In my experience, you always get more than you give. It's just the way it is with the laws of life. If you can't wait for me to share these stories over the next 40 days, you can always go here to listen in or read at:

A Generous Life

Day Two: African man saves children going blind

While ministering in Africa, I met a Christian worker who raised his 6 children on $10 a month. He told me the story of how children in his village were going blind because of a disease that could be prevented with medicine that only cost 50 cents. He began to pray and ask God to send a rich person to their village to help give the money for the medicine, but no one ever came. As he kept praying, the Lord told him he should give the money to buy the medicine. But with 6 children and only a $10 a month salary, he couldn’t see how he could do this. But he and his family prayed and decided that every month they would buy the medicine to help one child. When I last spoke with him, he'd been doing this for 7 years and had saved 84 children from going blind. And his family saw God meet all of their needs.
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