Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Book Marketing Makeover: A Gift of Marketing Interviews from Jay Abraham

Guest post by Jay Abraham

Just a few hours ago, I received the following email from Jay Abraham, one of the top marketing wizards of today. Check out his generous offer below:


It's holiday time. I'm giving the perfect gift to anyone of you who doesn't have everything you want - in business (of course, but in your personal life, too!).

It's an outrageous collection of business lessons, life secrets, high-achievement ethical short-cuts, performance enhancement accelerators, explosive ways to leverage-up your impact/output/results.

It's a one-of-its-kind Collector-Worthy compendium of deep, penetrating, Socratic interviews I personally conducted in the last two months with six legendary Super Stars of business, sports, entertainment, arts and entrepreneurship.

Originally conducted for four magazines I'm a partner in--my interviews ended up going so wildly deep and broad that only 1/4th of each interview could fit into the format of each magazine.

Rather than see the electric ideas I mined out of each legend's mammoth brain go unused, I took each unabridged full-length interview (averaging 1 and 1/2 non-stop hours / 15-20 transcribed pages each), combined them all together into one wildly enriching compendium - totaling 100 pages of rich wisdom, exceptional insights and rarely discussed fresh slants on business, life, personal performance, competing masterfully, and so much more.

Consider this compendium: My Holiday Gift To You! It's offered with my hope that you'll read each interview carefully, then reflect on its abundant lessons and message.

Oh yes, I should probably identify my six legendary Super Star subjects so you'll be highly motivated to download this gift:
  • Daymond John - Star of TV's runaway success reality show "Shark Tank"
  • Harvey MacKay - Author of the Swim With Sharks Without Getting Eaten Alive
  • Bruce Buffer - The Voice of Ultimate Fighting and an entrepreneur who controls $400 million in business
  • Josh Linkner - Founder of e-prize, investment partner with Magic Johnson
  • Shaquille O'Neal - Basketball legend
  • Sid Haig - Horror Movie Icon and star of Rob Zombie films
Eclectic collection of personages? Yes, absolutely! Electric collection of insights, ideas and lessons? Unquestionably!

Why am I doing this? Because I CAN and most people can't. Also, because I was blessed to draw out exceedingly inspiring commentary from each one of these legends and, frankly, it'd be a travesty to keep it all to myself.

I'm not trying to sell you a thing. In fact, if you take the one benevolent action step I request in the compendium, I'll send you four more killer full-length interview transcripts:
  • Stephen M.R. Covey on gaining trust
  • Stephen R. Covey on effectiveness and gaining passion for what you do and who you do it for.
  • Hall-of-Fame football legend Fran Tarkenton on the meaning of business life
  • And a brand new interview with Bruce Lee's daughter, Shannon Lee.

Go here http://www.abraham.com/superstars/interviews.html

No opt-in required. Nothing ever to buy. No sales offer is contained in the compendium either. It REALLY is a gift! Enjoy and prosper.

My purpose in life is to provide direction, guidance, advice and expert answers for all deserving, achievement-oriented business owners and entrepreneurs whose businesses are not living up to their true profit and performance potential.

I seek to plug them all into the minds and methods of superstar legends that are true game changers in whatever it is they do.

I'm constantly searching for breakthrough thinking, performance-enhancing perspectives, specialized understanding of issues and challenges. I'm hunting for success-based, high-level achievers whose masterful grasp of something can meaningfully help people like you better navigate and perform in the volatile business world you compete in today.

The express goal of every interview I conduct is to evoke highly actionable insights, ideas, recommendations and advice that an entrepreneur in your situation can implement and apply, right now!

About the Author

Jay Abraham is a mastermind marketer of the highest caliber. Download his free gift via his website here: http://www.abraham.com/superstars/interviews.html. Again, the free gift includes a 100-page PDF as well as four downloadable audio interviews. And, if you act on the free offer in the PDF, you'll get four more


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