Sunday, December 18, 2011

Book Marketing Makeover: Selling Books Via Event Planners

Guest post by D. E. Boone

I learned from John Kremer's 15,000 Eyeballs Program that one of the best ways to promote a book is to give away free copies. At first this made no sense to me. Although giving away free books seems counter-intuitive, I kept hearing that it worked.

John suggested that we give away an ebook version of our book. It's much less expensive and much easier to give away online. I am doing that now, but initially I decided to try something more risky.

Legs Talk book cover

At a social gathering, I met an event planner. Instead of my business card, I gave her a free copy of my humorous gift book, Legs Talk: A Modern Girl's Dating Tale. Legs Talk is a quirky, offbeat, Sex in the City kind of girlie book. Photographs take the reader on a wacky relationship trip that makes you laugh and sigh. It is an illustrated story of a relationship that soured and eventually went bad. The story is told by a pair of gorgeous legs.

The event planner told me she was putting together a ladies only party. She enjoyed my book so much, she asked me to donate 20 free print copies for the event. Since most of the attendees were single women, she figured they would enjoy Legs Talk's witty one-liners and break up humor. The idea was to turn poison into medicine. I took a chance and gave this stranger 20 copies of my book with order forms attached. It worked. Legs Talk was a big hit.

Currently, the event planner purchases copies of my book (at a discount) whenever she throws a similar event. She has even planned ladies only get-over him parties. So far, I sold over 100 books and expect to sell many more.

About the Author
D.E. Boone is the author of Legs Talk: A Modern Girl's Dating Tale. Find out more about her book at


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