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Book Marketing Makeover: Top 15 Reasons to Do a Virtual Book Tour

Guest post by Dana Lynn Smith, The Savvy Book Marketer

Virtual Book Tour Magic
As publishers' promotional budgets shrink and travel costs rise, the traditional city to city author tour is waning in popularity. But what if you could reach a much larger, highly targeted audience from the comfort of home? You can, with a virtual book tour.

On a virtual book tour, authors promote their books by making virtual guest appearances during a particular time frame on blogs, podcasts, radio shows, social networks, or other venues.

So why should you do your own virtual tour?

1. Sell books. You will sell books during the tour and afterward as a result of the tour.

2. Spend less. Virtual tours are less expensive and time consuming than real-world travelling. Generally the only cost of a do-it-yourself tour is the cost of mailing your book to tour hosts.

3. Reach far more people and a more targeted audience with a virtual tour. In contrast, live author appearances by authors who aren't well known tend to have low attendance.

4. Get great links. The virtual tour provides quality, lasting links to your website. These links have search engine optimization value and may continue to bring new visitors for months or years to come.

5. Get out there! Making a commitment to a tour gives you an incentive to get out there and promote your book and get content onto other websites.

6. Get book reviews. If any of your tour hosts do a review of your book, you'll get the benefit of additional reviews.

7. Build buzz. Tours build buzz for your book and get people talking about you and your book - and sharing with others.

8. Earn implied endorsements. When others host you on their blog or show, there is an implied endorsement of you which enhances your author platform.

9. Interact with your readers. You have the chance to interact with readers and potential customers.

10. Earn a higher Amazon rank. Getting a lot of book sales in short period of time pushes up the Amazon rank of your book.

11. Develop relationships. You get the chance to develop relationships with bloggers and other key influencers in your field or genre.

12. Let readers sample your work. The content of a virtual book tour gives potential book buyers an opportunity to sample your work.

13. Grow as an expert. Nonfiction authors can enhance their expert status by posting content on other venues.

14. Expose your book to new audiences. You get exposure to new audiences you might not reach any other way.

15. Build your mailing list. Additional traffic to your website during the tour gives you the opportunity to build your mailing list and blog subscribers.

To learn how to organize your own successful virtual book tour, check out Dana's new Virtual Book Tour Magic guidebook for authors.

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