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Book Marketing Makeover: Creative Marketing Nets Real Results

Guest post by David A. Koop

I have tried many out of the box ideas for marketing my top 10 bestselling cancer memoir Cancer It's a Good Thing I Got It! What I would like to share with you now combines several of those ideas together, providing spectacular results for me. They can do the same for you.

David Koop While I was still in the middle of the writing process, I had business cards printed up. Yes, the full color cover of my book on the front and some very important information on the back.

I talked and talked with everyone about my book and always gave them a card. Every time I paid a bill I put two of my book cards in with the check. After paying for my meal at restaurants I always left a book card with the receipt. I still do these things today.

Part of the information on the back of the first book cards, those issued prior to publication, offered readers a chance to pre-purchase an autographed copy of my book at a discount. Yes, I did receive early orders with payment.

Those back orders were a strong incentive for me to finish writing the book. I had received readers’ hard-earned cash and even spent it, so I really needed to finish the book. If I could get people to pay that much money for the promise of a book, imagine how many I could sell with an actual book in hand.

One particular group of people who received a lot of those cards was Alaska Airlines employees: Ticket agents, gate agents, baggage handlers and flight attendants. It was great to see orders coming in online, the majority with one thing in common.,,, and on and on and on. WOW! It really works.

Many people who chose not to pre-order took advantage of another discount code "I Met Him." It gave them a 20% discount. They emailed us their interest in getting a copy of the book when it was published. With their names on our email list, a publication notice went out when the book was done and a wave of new orders came in.

It worked so well that with the help of all the pre-orders and pent up demand, my book was pushed onto the bestseller list!

I never go anywhere without my books in my briefcase, and I sell books every day that I can be out and about. The employees of Alaska Airlines are still top customers. I have yet to take a trip where I haven't sold a least one book per leg of the trip, usually more. Some employees have purchased one for themselves and extra copies for gifts.
I give the employee the card first and later, when the bulk of their duties on the plane are done, I ask them if they would like to see the book as I hand them a copy. The front and back cover usually seal the deal. Depending on the flight length, I sometimes suggest they check out the table of contents and maybe read a chapter or two. I make sure they know that they can get a copy autographed at a discount. I return to my seat and let them have as much time as they need.

One here, three or four there, no I’m not going to get rich at that rate. But at the end of the year it is an extra 300 to 400 books sold and lots of new readers spreading the word. Talk to everyone, everywhere, all the time and NEVER go out without some books.

Note from John Kremer: David attended the Palm Springs seminar I did recently, and I know he sold copies to many of the attendees, including multiple copies in some cases. David has a great story to tell - and he sells it well.

About the Author

David A. Koop is a bestselling author, speaker, and world class speaking coach. You can check out his moving cancer memoir Cancer It's a Good Thing I Got It! at

Yes, "I Met Him" will still get you (the reader of this blog) a 20% discount at checkout on his website. It’s as easy as ABC - Always Be Closing.
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