Friday, January 20, 2012

Book Marketing Makeover: Don't Trip When Opportunity Calls

Guest post by Nancy Juetten

Do you want to be a sought-after and well compensated consultant, speaker, and media expert?  And, when you read these words, is your head nodding YES in a big way?

Imagine what it would mean for your business if the following happened for you:
Make News - You are tired of seeing your competitors featured in the news instead of your own perspectives. Now, you are ready to take your place in the media spotlight and take the initiative to seek out the right opportunities. Finally you turn media envy into media triumph – and smile all the way to the bank.
Makeover Your Website - You want to makeover the copy on your home page or your About Us page so it lands with impact for people who can’t wait to engage you to work your magic. Your new message is one that gives your balance sheet cause for celebration because your ideal clients “get to YES” about the programs, products, and services you offer.
Get Paid to Speak - You’ve set a goal to welcome 10 paid speaking engagements in the new year. And your new and compelling speaker sheet is just the ticket to compel meeting planners to get to a fast YES about you and your signature topic. They gladly pay your four or five-figure speaking fee.
It all sounds rather intoxicating, doesn't it?

Free Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar
Date: Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Time: 5 p.m. Pacific / 8 p.m. Eastern
Here is the link to register:

During this live call:
I will guide you through a five-step system that you can apply immediately to prepare winning stories about your expertise. Whether you want to attract clients, speaking gigs, or media interviews.
You’ll learn the essential messages you need to convey to get booked now.
You’ll learn some of the most common mis-steps to avoid so you can pave your path to prosperity faster.

When you are ready, you can respond with speed, ease, and grace to every opportunity to broadcast your brilliance and accelerate your path to prosperity now.

You are in good position to:
Get selected over the competition.

Get known as someone who is on the ball and a joy to work with.

Welcome referrals to other influential decision makers, joint venture partners, and meeting planners, and leveraged media opportunities that can bring your message far and wide to more of the right people.
Over the last year, I have finely tuned a program that guides independent business professionals, speakers, authors, and mission-driven experts to get seen, heard, celebrated and compensated for their expert status. Scores of graduates are celebrating their successes as measured by their enhanced credibility, visibility, and prosperity. And they are making it happen under their own power!

Wait and See Rarely Delivers the Right Rewards

Many aspiring and emerging experts choose to get ready to stand out and shine so they can step into their full potential. Others take a wait and see approach. They say that they will get ready when opportunity calls. Or, they just haven’t yet gotten around to getting their act together.

Far too many people are scrambling, which means that they aren’t making winning first impressions. Chances are, they are dropping other important balls with high priority projects in order to pull together what is needed. And they are wishing they had gotten their act together yesterday.

The fact is, being ready for opportunity counts for a lot.

If you know in your gut that you aren’t quite ready and you are ready to take action to change that, help is as close as your telephone or computer. I am inviting you to a free webinar that I and John Kremer are hosting on Tuesday, January 24th at 5 p.m. Pacific / 8 p.m. Eastern.

This call will get you fast on the path to readiness to welcome the right oportunities with ease, grace, and impact.

Again, visit the link below to register now. And, of course, invite your friends!

Broadcast Your Brilliance

About the Author

Nancy “Broadcast Your Brilliance” Juetten is a word wizard, workshop leader, and Bye-Bye Boring Bio author on a quest to guide mission-driven experts to spell out their greatness and broadcast their brilliance through the power of storytelling and publicity.

Whether clients seek to attract clients, speaking gigs, or media attention, they learn to welcome those results by acting on Nancy’s road-tested and proven advice to tell stories all their own. Best of all, they broadcast their brilliance with confidence, readiness, and ease so the right people can celebrate, invest, and benefit.
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