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Book Marketing Makeover: How to Create a LinkedIn Profile That Gets Instant Attention for Your Book

Guest post by Kristina Jaramillo

LinkedIn is a valuable resource for authors looking to target business executives and small business owners as there are over 135 millions business professionals on LinkedIn.

You can also use LinkedIn to get you publicity for your book. In fact a survey from Arketi Web Watch Media states that 92% of today’s journalists are now actively using LinkedIn. That is more than any other social networking site.

Before, you can begin marketing your book on LinkedIn, you must have a strong LinkedIn profile foundation that will entice prospects, referral sources, potential book buyers and the media to connect with you.

6 Ways to Promote Your Book on Your LinkedIn Profile

1. Use your LinkedIn profile headline to promote your book.

By just stating that you are the author of XYZ, you are not telling the reader of your profile anything. You need to use your headline to showcase a result or benefit of your book(s). For example, here is the headline I created for James Lange, JD, CPA:
CPA, Lawyer, Bestselling Finance Author & Roth IRA Expert Seen on CNN & Bloomberg Shows How to Build Tax-Free Wealth
Here’s a headline template, you can also use:
“Inside (insert book title) This (insert industry) Author Reveals (insert secret information shared within book).
2. Link to a squeeze page that offers a sneak preview.

In your website postings on your LinkedIn profile, link to a squeeze page that offers a sneak preview of your book – in other words, a couple of free chapters. This way, you can collect names and emails and provide them with even more information. When you add the website URLs to your LinkedIn profile, do not just put the default “Company Website.” You can label the website URL “Free Book Chapters.”

3. Create a position that describes how your book will help a specific audience.

For example here is the position I created for my client Ron Karr to promote his book:
“Sales Leadership Author Shows the 7 Traits of Great Sellers in Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way Book at Karr Associates - Sales Leadership and Business Transformation Expert”
This is the copy that we include in his profile to further explain his position:
If you don't take a leadership role in producing results for your clients, someone else will. In my book, "Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way," I reveal what great sellers do and this is based on decades of research. And, I show how anyone can implement the same powerful principle.
In my book, you will find an in-depth exploration of the seven critical traits all sales leaders share.
Today's top sales leaders:
  • Have a clear vision of where they're going.
  • Position themselves powerfully in the minds of customers.
  • Build alliances rather than go it alone.
  • Ask powerful questions that result in new sales opportunities.
  • Create a value proposition that neutralizes the competition.
  • Communicate well and persuasively.
  • Embrace accountability and responsibility.
Many sales leaders learn these principles through trial and error. This book helps you avoid the trial and error part and skip straight to the success part. Why learn the hard way when you can read this book, learn these principles, and start — today — selling more, faster, and at a higher profit?

We then add endorsements for the book within the position copy plus we provide a link to get the book.

4. Promote your book on LinkedIn using Amazon’s Recommended Reading List App.

LinkedIn offers a great application called “Reading List with Amazon” but the key is to use it correctly. It is nice for the person who is reading your profile to know what you are currently reading or what you recommend. But if they click on the link of the book you posted, they will quickly be taken away from your profile. Use this app to promote you as the author and show your books.

5. Add a media kit for the book on your LinkedIn profile.

Using the application you can include files like your:
  • author bio
  • book cover pictures that the media can use to publicize your book
  • book reviews
  • testimonials
  • endorsements
  • media mentions and
  • any other information about your book that should be included in your media kit
This way when you do connect with key media professional they have all your book information right at their finger tips.

6. Get video testimonials for your book and add it to your LinkedIn profile.

Powerful video testimonials provide more credibility as you can watch the body language and see the customer. You can upload video testimonials using SlideShare and Google Presentations apps.
Plus, you can add your own videos and not only be able tell people what they can learn from your book but you will be able to show them your strategies in action.

Once You Create a LinkedIn Profile That Effectively Promotes Your Book…

You can create your own LinkedIn group, where you can create discussions based on the content of your book. This way you are regularly putting your book in front of your prospects, referral sources and the media’s faces. Plus, you can share your discussions with other groups that your prospects belong to this way you get information about your book in front of hundreds of thousands of potential buyers. But, you need that strong LinkedIn profile first if you want people to take your information seriously.

LinkedIn Expert Kristina Jaramillo

About the Author

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