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Book Marketing Makeover: Stupid Ways to Market Via the Internet

Blog post by John Kremer, Question from Cindy Bellinger

Question: I watched your short book marketing video clip at

You said the best way to sell your book is by marketing on the Internet, "but don't do it the stupid way most people do it these days." What is the stupid way? - Cindy Bellinger

John's Answer: Cindy, below is my short answer to your insightful question.

Here are four key stupid ways that you don't want to follow:

1. Too much social networking without measuring results. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. can be real time-sucking activities. Make sure you are getting results from what you do on any social network.

2. Not creating relationships with high-traffic targeted websites and audiences. Real relationships with highly targeted websites (to your topic or to your audience) is the most important way to market on the Internet, bar none. The most effective. The least time-consuming. The most productive.

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3. Doing ineffective blog tours rather than SuperStar Blog Tours, Mega Blog Tours or BlogPaloozas. Do a real virtual book tour EVENT rather than the hum-drum blog tours most authors do. You can learn more at

4. Jumping on each new Internet marketing bandwagon rather than focusing on key measurable activities that have already proven to be effective. I see so many authors flitting from one activity to another, never settling down to mining the activities that really work. Such a waste of time. Be focused. Don't scatter your attention and activities.

There are more. I could write a book. But the above four ways are the major ones that really bog down most book authors' (and most other promoters') efforts in Internet marketing.

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John Kremer is the developer of the 15,000 Eyeballs Program and the Blog Tour Palooza Program - both intended to help book authors and others to get more attention and sell more books, products, and services via Internet marketing.
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