Thursday, January 19, 2012

Book Marketing Makeover: Broadcast Your Brilliance

Guest post by Nancy Juetten

Aspiring experts and authors around the world are starting off the year with the bold intention to get known and get paid for their expert status.  If this is your goal, here are a few tips inspired by the classic film “The Wizard of Oz” to guide you forward:
  • Don’t let blue bird envy stand in your way. Wishing and hoping doesn’t get the job done. Get into action today to earn the attention you seek for your message.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help to get what you need. Good witches and mentors are everywhere — if you just ask the local munchkins for quality recommendations.
  • Don't settle. Along your yellow brick road to success, don’t settle for Munchkin Land when the Emerald City or the Land of Oz is what you really want. Think big about what you want to accomplish and the perfect outlets where you most want your message to be heard.
  • Celebrate new media. If the crystal ball isn’t delivering the solutions and information you need, find alternative ways to learn how to carry your message forward.
  • Put your best dress on and your best face forward before you make your pitch.
  • Stand out. It takes brains, courage, and heart to make your message stand out.
  • Stand apart. Frame your story as a horse of a different color so it stands apart.
  • Make magic. Just as Dorothy discovered, you can make a lot of magic happen if you just click your heels together and get to work.

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Publicity expert Nancy Juetten has spoken to thousands of business owners through webinars, teleseminars, media interviews and articles. Juetten teaches the Broadcast Your Brilliance webinar series that trains professionals, speakers, and authors to get seen and heard in the media to attract clients, earn credibility, and make money. Sign up now for her high-impact webinar next week.
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