Thursday, February 16, 2012

Discover Your Top Twitter Retweets (and Those of Others)

If you want to know the top retweets of your Twitter posts, check out this free website:

Note: You can also check out the top retweets of other Twitter users as well.

Probably the best use of this tool is to uncover what kinds of tweets people like to retweet so you can include similar posts in your tweets.

For example, the top retweets for @JohnKremer has been quotations. Check out some of the top retweets for @JohnKremer below:

Top Quotation Retweets

Besides quotations, here are some of my other tweets that have been retweeted often. Note that they offer useful and interesting links to informative blog posts.

You can check out the other top retweets for @JohnKremer here:


About the Author

John Kremer on Twitter

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