Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Book Promotion Soundbites: Jo Ann Kairys Interviews John Kremer on Blog Tours

Bloggers Read Across the Glove
In January, Jo Ann Kairys interviewed me on how to organize and promote blog tours in preparation for her Bloggers Read Across the Globe event which promotes children's reading and literacy.

Listen in as we talk about how to carry out a virtual book tour in the most effective way:

It was an hour-long discussion where we covered a lot of details on how to do blog tours.

About Jo Ann Kairys

Jo Ann Kairys
Jo Ann Kairys is co-author and co-illustrator of the children’s picture book, Sunbelievable, winner of the Mom’s Choice Gold Medal 2012 Award. Widely published in the medical/science field, she recently shifted from highly technical writing to creating stories for young readers.

“I don’t know which is more challenging… writing a research article or producing a book that children will want to read over and over again. I love that wonderful stories can last for generations!”

Jo Ann is also Founder of the 2012 First Annual Bloggers Read Across the Globe (BRAG) Project—Promoting Children’s Reading and Literacy—one enthusiastic blogger at a time.

About Sunbelievable

Sunbelievable tells of a hilarious and whacky Sun seen through the emboldened imagination of two young sisters. Does the Sun ride roller coasters? Eat pizza?

This endearing story shows the loving relationship and unbounded curiosity of young children. NASA’s chief technologists adds facts about the real Sun as a jumping off point for questions and discussion. The images combine real photographs with magical, digitally created landscapes.

“You can’t take your eyes off of the illustrations!” (San Francisco and Sacramento Book Review 2012)


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